The Key to Happiness

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In this coaching call, Brian Troop reminds us that clients sign our paychecks. If we don’t provide the level of service they expect, someone else will. Move with them by being mobile and agile and adaptive, and remember the stress level our clients are under. Oftentimes a real estate transaction is the result of divorce, foreclosure, short sale, or another big event that can create both happy and sad stress. Every time you get frustrated, put yourself in their shoes. They’re in an uncomfortable place.

Happiness: Something that not everybody has.

Take charge of your own happiness. Things are definitely different today than they were in the past. People have higher expectations, there is less security, less stability, less time for chit-chat. Many people equate different with bad, but your perspective can be turned around.

Consider two things about Happiness:

  1. You will never make everybody happy. It’s completely impossible.
  2. Happiness is a choice. Your morale and satisfaction are also personal choices.

Take time out to laugh. Even mindless, brainless humor as part of your daily routine is important to keep yourself upbeat.

Let go of the past, stop grumbling, reevaluate priorities. Take a look at the “Wheel of Life” to check in with how you are balancing the important elements of your life. You can access a free pdf download here:

People who can master change are seen as heroes. Change is not without risk, but the real risk lies in waiting. Make change your competitive advantage.

Thought of the Day: The greatest part of our happiness depends on our dispositions, not our circumstances.


When the status quo no longer works

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Join Brian Troop today as he shares more on moving with change.

Key Takeaways:

Professionals who expect change and prepare for it have more satisfied clients than those who accept the status quo.

It’s important to you to learn how to embrace change, so what do you do with the changes coming in 2016?

  • Volunteer. Step up to contribute to your community. Get engaged on a committee, give back a little bit of your time. A word to the wise: Make sure the cause is something you are passionate about.
  • Challenge the status quo. Spot the voids in working systems before anyone else. Encourage people to fill those voids.
  • Coach somebody who could benefit from your help.
  • Care about your performance. Your performance is a direct reflection of who you are. Strive to surpass the limits you believe you have.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Treat each day like a brand new job and refuse to accept the way it has always been done as the best way to approach your job today.

Thought of the Day:  Life is like riding a bicycle. You don’t fall off unless you stop pedaling.

Letting go of the need to master technology

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Ron Tunick
Coach Ron Tunick, President Nations Transactions Services, Radio Talk Show Host

Join Coach Ron on this call as he discusses the value of having persistence. Both Coach Ron and Brian Troop emphasize the importance of learning to coach yourself, or investing in a professional.

On this call, Brian Troop revisits the importance of having a mindset that embraces change in the real estate industry. He reminds Realtors it is about mastering change, not mastering “the change”. Every shift is temporary. Technology evolves so quickly, so learn what you need to learn to make use of the tool or program and let go of the old need to master it. The value you bring comes from your ability to get from here to there as much as any other commodity you offer.

Let go of the past, the old process, the perception of “the good old days” and old work habits and expectations. We are here now, and we’re going there tomorrow. The past always looks better than it really was.

Bring a sense of adventure to work each day. The pace of our modern business requires us to start the new before having closure on the old.

Thought for the week: “Hindsight is much more accurate than foresight, but definitely not as valuable.”