Consumer Expectations are Changing

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Ron Tunick
Coach Ron Tunick, President Nations Transactions Services, Radio Talk Show Host

In this podcast, Coach Ron shares his thoughts on the “It” Factor – the ability to walk into a room and command attention and respect.

Troop Real Estate, Inc. CEO Brian Troop follows with his research and insight on changing consumer expectations.

We are no longer in a traditional market. Potential clients want real information and they want it now, in their preferred communication style. This opens up opportunities for Realtors to seize. Embrace the change – it’s here to stay. Adapt quickly to better your market value.

The ability to manage change and perform is a marketable skill, one that actually trumps effort today.

As a real estate agent, realize that you are responsible for your own success, not the CEO of your company, not your manager. Bring value to your clients and potential clients, bring it daily, be creative, be a flexible leader, think for yourself and seek solutions, not problems. Challenge the status quo, rock the boat, be the person you would want to have on your staff if you own the company. Draw a bright line of distinction between the old environment, where showing up and putting in an effort were rewarded, and the new, where performance and results are what matters.

Each day, be focused on your MMA: Money-Making Activities. Then, work on your conversion rate. Weed out the leads you don’t want to work with and find the ones you do. Get good at reading people, being polished and professional.

“Just do it” – Nike

Thinking about doing something for too long leads to overthinking. Get up and make it happen. Create the prospecting that will work and create success for you. Your job as a salesperson is to make it rain.

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