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Habit Pattern Development: Develop a new positive habit

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In this coaching call Brian Troop talks about developing productive habits.

One important thing to remember in changing habits is to start simple.

Key Formula = 1 thing at a time.

Let’s use punctuality as an example.

Great reference to reflect to is  “Lombardi Time”

Coach Lombardi was known for teaching his players this behavior.

If their bus was scheduled to leave at 9:00 the players were trained to be there at 8:45 or the bus would leave without them.

Make it a habit to be present or prepared for any situation 10-15 minutes early.

A Hallmark of fully functional people is they never complain, explain, excuse or justify behavior. They either “Do it” or they “Don’t”.

Beware of these ailments:

Excuseitis; Inflammation of excuse making gland. The worst disease that undermines and sabotages success.

Someday Isle: “someday I’ll exercise”, “someday I’ll eat healthier”, “someday I’ll work on my CRM”, etc.


Eliminate complaining and excuse making

Eliminate failure language from vocabulary

Be positive and affirmative in your self-talk.

If you fall back into old behavior, begin again.

You have to accept 100% personal responsibility for where you are today.

Hold yourself accountable

Thought of the day:

“Stay focused. Go after your dreams. Keep moving towards your goals.”

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