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Key Ingredients to Success with your Health and Money

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How are your self-discipline habits affecting your health?

Here are 6 key Health Habits to get your self-discipline healthy.

  • Eat regularly – don’t skip eating, gorge or starve yourself. Keep healthy snacks easy to access.
  • Normal healthy meals – eating 5-6 small meals daily optimizes energy levels
  • Eat lightly – stay away from over eating, high-fat carbs, opt for salads and foods derived from plants for lunches.
  • Early Dinner – try not to eat meals after 7 pm
  • Exercise regularly – 30 minutes daily is optimal with a brisk walk, bike ride, swimming or running etc. Get your body moving.
  • Moderate to no alcohol – stick to no more than 1-2 glasses a day or less.

The #1 goal is to live as long and well as you can. Here are 6 Key Tips.

  • Maintain proper weight – underweight is as bad as overweight.
  • Proper exercise – aerobic is best.
  • Proper diet – live to eat not eat to live
  • Proper rest – 6-8 hours minimum or you begin to develop sleep depravity.
  • Regular breaks from work – mini vacations, time off, etc.
  • Proper attitude – bring positive and optimism to the front of each day.

Keywords to perfect health: Eat less and exercise more.

Money Health

How is your self-discipline habits affecting your finances?

Key fact: 100 people start work at age 21. By age 65, 1 will be financially rich, 4 will have found financial independence, 15 will have set some cash aside, the balance of the 80 will still be working, broke, deep in debt.

Tip to money health:
Rewire the childhood candy scenario. Discipline yourself to change your self-gratification of spending money associated with happiness rather to saving and investing.

  1. Open a Financial Freedom Account.
    Make consistent long-term deposits.
  2. Practice the Law of Acceleration. Pay yourself first. Begin today to save 1% of your paycheck. Make that deposit to your Financial Freedom account and live off the other 99%. In 30 days, raise to 2% and live off the other 98%. Every month, raise your savings by 1%. By the end of the year, you will be at a 10% savings. The debt will be paid down and you will now be consciously aware of savings and not spending. You will begin to see your debt getting smaller and will have saved a substantial amount in your Financial Freedom account. When you receive an increase in pay, resolve to save 50% of the increase.
    This will cause an exponential growth in savings.

Reading suggestion: The Millionaire Next Door – by Tom Stanley and William Danko

Thought For The Day: “To get what we never had we must do what we have never done.”

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