You become what you think about.

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overcoming fear and conquering goals

Join Brian Troop in this coaching call continuing on the path of overcoming fears and conquering goals.

“You become what you think about.”



Today’s focus will be on the seven specific steps of “Personal Strategic Planning.”  

1. Values
2. Vision
3. Mission
4. Purpose
5. Goals
6. Priorities
7. Actions

Thought of the day:

“If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one.”

~~ Cavett Robert

Coach Ron Interviews Brian Troop: About real estate and what it takes to be a success in all areas of life.


Real Estate Success Secrets
Real Estate Success Secrets

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Listen in as “Coach” Ron  interviews Brian Troop. Spontaneous, un-rehearsed and candid.

The Independent Difference. 

Brian’s real estate career journey started at age 19. He didn’t have any real desire or plan to become a top producer. One year later Brian got “the bug” as he calls it.

Now 29 years later, Brian reflects on where and how Troop Real Estate. Inc.  all began. About real estate and what it takes to be a success in all areas of life.

Thought for the day: “Choice, not chance, determines your destiny”

“Action Orientation” a requirement for success.

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In this coaching call, Brian Troop talks about “action orientation.”

The biggest obstacle to taking action immediately is fear. Fear of failure, loss, embarrassment, ridicule, rejection, etc.

Action orientation is the internal motivation to get going immediately on any goal or project to get the job done quickly and one of the most important qualities of the most successful people in the real estate business.

The antidote to fear is self-confidence. Self-confidence is based on a foundation of courage. Courage is the key quality that leads to success.

How do you develop the unshakable levels of courage and self-confidence that overcome fear? Deliberately do the very things you fear over and over until the fear is gone.   

Thought of the day: “Within you right now is the power to do things you never dream possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs.”