“Action Orientation” a requirement for success.

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In this coaching call, Brian Troop talks about “action orientation.”

The biggest obstacle to taking action immediately is fear. Fear of failure, loss, embarrassment, ridicule, rejection, etc.

Action orientation is the internal motivation to get going immediately on any goal or project to get the job done quickly and one of the most important qualities of the most successful people in the real estate business.

The antidote to fear is self-confidence. Self-confidence is based on a foundation of courage. Courage is the key quality that leads to success.

How do you develop the unshakable levels of courage and self-confidence that overcome fear? Deliberately do the very things you fear over and over until the fear is gone.   

Thought of the day: “Within you right now is the power to do things you never dream possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs.” 


Success & Happiness

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In this coaching call, Brian Troop talks about success and happiness.

A primary aim in life is positive emotions.

Eliminate negative emotions of all kinds.

Cause of negative emotions – blame

The blame neutralizer – “I am responsible.”

Thought of the day: “Within each of you right know is the power to do things you never dream possible. This power becomes available to you as soon as you can change your beliefs.”

The Control and Mastery of Fear

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the control and mastery of fear.

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Take Courage.
Self-discipline is necessary to deal courageously with fear induced events. Fear is natural. Everyone experiences fear. Fear can be used to guard against financial mistakes, preserve life and prevent injury.

So what’s the difference between the brave person with all this fear and the coward? The brave person is disciplined to confront, deal with and act in spite of the fear. The coward allows fear to dominate and control.

All fears are learned so therefore they can be unlearned. The most common to agents, which is a saboteur to all hope for success in Real Estate, is the failure of poverty and loss of money. The most common reaction to a fearful situation is the attitude of “I can’t”. Fear paralyzes action and shuts down the brain which causes us to have a “fight or flight” reaction. Fear undermines happiness and the ability to move forward.

Unlearning Fears.
Change behaviors with positive affirmations. Visualizing and acting as if you already have the quality you desire. The “I can’t” message is replaced with as emphatic “I can” do it. When you repeat the “I can” message with conviction, fear becomes canceled and overridden. Confidence and courage are eventually built in such a way that you are unafraid. Your visualization images will be accepted as instruction for your performance. Which leads to more success. You develop courage by disciplining yourself to do the things you fear over and over.

A simple formula guaranteed to work every time to reduce fears is the “100 call method”.

Fears decrease as you move forward and your confidence grows.
Two types of courage to instill:
1. Launch – take action- step out in faith- be all in without any guarantee 9of success with the high possibility of failure.
2. Courageous patience – the ability to hang and hang on continuing to work hard before you even see any results.

The key here is to deal with, confront and overcome fears. Resolve to deal with your fears by confronting the situation.

Mark Twain quote: “I have worried about a lot of things in life and most of them never happened.”

Final analysis:
The only real cure for fear or worry is discipline and purposeful action in the direction of your goals.

Get so busy working on your goals you don’t have time for fear to set in.

Thought for the day:
“Persistence is what makes the impossible, possible. The possible likely and the likely definite.”

How good character will make you successful

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Troop Podcast Quote
We become what we think about. – Earl Nightingale

In this week’s coaching call, Brian Troop talks about reinforcing good character to benefit our personal and business lives.

Having character means holding yourself responsible to a higher standard than everyone expects of you. Be a hard master to yourself, and lenient to everyone else.

Your innermost character is the sum total of all decisions you’ve made in life to date. You respond to life from the highest skillset you have developed to handle a situation. Pay attention as you react and respond to circumstances in your business and personal life. These moments are like a mirror reflecting back to you where you can refine your character.

In our industry, our relationships with clients and fellow associates are crucial to our success. Without trust and honor, we fail in our business. Our success is directly connected to how others perceive our character. Act as though a thousand people are watching, and you will cultivate a network of relationships with people you enjoy working with, and who enjoy working with you.

To have integrity is to live in complete truth with yourself and others. When we avoid being truthful to ourselves or to other people, we are hiding some part of our character we aren’t proud of. Have the courage to look at that and take steps toward removing that aspect of character that doesn’t serve you.

Character can only be developed in the give and take of daily life when forced to choose one way or another. Think long term, and making short term decisions that come from your integrity will be easier.

As you become a person of honor, doors open to you.

Thought for the Day: “We become what we think about.” – Earl Nightingale

Right Attitude for Success

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Ron Tunick
Coach Ron Tunick, President Nations Transactions Services, Radio Talk Show Host

In this Coaching Call, both Brian Troop and Coach Ron share the importance of having a positive attitude in business. Brian digs a little deeper and gives pointers on how to do this, even when it gets incredibly challenging.

Guest Host Amy Gandel on Staying Passionate in Real Estate

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Amy Gandel, Realtor
Troop Real Estate, Inc. Realtor Amy Gandel

Listen in on our first podcast episode of our traditional Monday Morning Coaching Call!

In this audio, Brian Troop interviews top producer, Amy Gandel, and gets great information on staying positive for her clients despite roadblocks in her business.